Haag Toy Poodles
Haag Toy Poodles
About Haag Toy Poodles 

Hi my name is Janis Haag.  I have the pleasure of owning the most loving, intelligent, and healthy toy poodles.  All of our toy poodles are up to date on all vaccinations and exams.  Most of my knowledge comes from being the daughter of a retired Veterinarian.  I had the opportunity to work with my father in my teenage years and again as a young adult. I learned so much from that experience that it has been a great help with my success in raising my toy poodle puppies.  

We have our apricot Bear Lee who is retired. Bella is her red daughter and Kodi is our red boy from a Maryland Breeder.  Bella and Kodi are parent dogs.  They all have wonderful looks, bloodline and dispositions.  All are pure bred Toy Poodles and registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC). 

Bella is a bit smaller than her mother and she is a red toy poodle.  She is smart, sweet, loving and full of joy and fun.  We also have Kodi, who is our handsome and sweet red boy.  Bella and Kodi make beautiful puppies!  All of our toy poodles live with us as family. 

When we breed, it is with my assistance in our own home.  Maternity and birthing is also with me in our home.  If any concerns should come up, we have a wonderful Veterinarian nearby;  Dr. Faiz Ahmad, DVM https://hopeanimalhospital.org/  When puppies are born, they are in a cozy whelping box with their mother in our living room and when they get a bit bigger, we set up a larger playpen in same room so we can always observe and socialize them.  I am a small program; these are my family pets.  I do this out of joy and reward to place healthy well adjusted toy poodle puppies in other loving homes like ours. I believe that you won't find a more loving environment for your future puppy to come from.  I go above and beyond for you and your puppy throughout the entire process.  

I presently live in Fredericksburg, Virginia and lived here for 9 years.  My husband and I relocated here from Northern California.  Our children are raised so it is just my husband and I and our lovely toy poodles. 


   left:              Haag's Kodiak Arrest (KODI)  PR19040903
middle:         Haag's Bella Bear  (BELLA) PR18852702
right:            Sisco's Bearly There (BEAR LEE) PR11062801

left:    KODI   
middle:    BEAR LEE
right:     BELLA



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