Louie - "We are so in love.He's exactly what we wanted.Again, Janis,thank you. Could not have asked for a more perfect puppy". ~Christina
Zach -  "Good evening Zachary is starting to warm up to us." ~Pamela
Iggy-"You would be so happy to see Iggy this morning he helped his little stuffed animal get in and out of his bed and then he dominated that poor little stuffed animal and now has found his way in and out of the doggie door. He is a sweet dog." ~Mary
Iggy- At his home relaxing on the lawn!
Louie - at his new home 
Coco- "Coco is in her playpen next to me in kitchen, was crying, but settled and sleeping now. She is loved very much! Thank you for doing such a great job caring for her and training her" ~Patricia
Coco- napping at her new home.
Champ- "Little sweet boy. He's a champ already to me. Sweet!! I get to recieve all that you have given to them.  THANK YOU." ~ Carol